Your Personal Wealth and Savings Companion


WealthDoodle is an innovative app designed to help you visualize your financial future. It allows you to project potential earnings and savings goals, and compare those projections with your actual savings. You can also preview the impact of paying down or reducing your debts and compare it with your actual progress. Our goal is to gamify your journey towards wealth building and debt reduction, making it more engaging and achievable.

Earnings Projection

WealthDoodle allows you to project your potential earnings based on your current income and expected growth rate. This feature helps you set realistic and achievable financial goals.

Savings Goals

Set your savings goals and track your progress over time. WealthDoodle provides a clear and concise view of how close you are to reaching your targets.

Debt Reduction

WealthDoodle isn't just about building wealth, it's also about reducing debt. Preview the impact of paying down your debts faster and see how much you could save in interest payments.

Progress Tracking

Track your actual savings and debt payments against your projections. This feature keeps you motivated and informed, helping you make better financial decisions.